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Level 2, by DOPE.

How to beat 80% of producers instantly.

You’ve been locked in with the DOPE fam for a minute.

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What’s next though, Chu?” you might ask, “How do I ‘make a name for myself?’”

Well, it depends…

Do you want to build a brand that artists and producers naturally gravitate towards?

What would it feel like to know you got ahead of 80% of all music producers by skipping 5-10 years of confusing pain and struggle?

I’m going to show you something for only one of two reasons;

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We’re launching the next level of our content creator series: Level 2 Content Creation, by DOPE.

This will teach you my exact methods for building a music brand from scratch with no handouts.

You’ll learn everything from Kajabi email marketing and video editing to cross-platform posting with the same piece of content.

But the ONE THING about this course that will blow your mind is the modules covering writing and idea synthesis.

You’ll learn how to pull endless ideas for content simply by paying attention to the life around you.

And, on top of that, you’ll learn how to turn those ideas into high-value evergreen content pieces that will rack up views for years to come.

What’s life going to be like when your brand is growing in your sleep because you’ve nailed the most important aspect of any successful business; content marketing?

How’s it going to feel to have real fans and customers who found you because of your valuable content?

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