Learn The Technical Skills Behind The Most Popular Music Genre In The World (Without Sacrificing 11+ Years And $15,288 On Trial & Error)

Use Our "Centerfold System" To Make Incredible Sounding Beats With The Highest Quality Samples Available, Learn The Techniques Behind Mastering Trap Production, & Monetize The Entire Process For An Income-Generating Music Production Brand.
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It Began As The Centerfold Drum Kit.

The sound pack I used to dominate the competition in Kyles Beats' biggest king of the hill beat battle ever.

(10 dubs, no L’s).

But the world is changing.

And Centerfold is too. 

It's gone from a powerful kit

to an entire system designed

to help producers master and monetize their craft.


Producers Make Things Happen On Their Own

What are you bringing to the table?

There's been a 97.6% increase in earnings for independent musicians within the last 8 years.

From less than $300 million in 2015 to over $10 billion in 2022.

At least half of that comes from music producers.

We've been moving towards this for the last few decades (and now the universe is ready to use us for its expression).

"There’s a time for certain ideas to arrive, and they find a way to express themselves through us." - Rick Rubin. 

Now is the time for producers to do more than just make beats. Which is why Centerfold is much more than just the samples and mixer presets that helped me go RiSA Multi-platinum...

I'm excited about the future of music for producers. But before I waste anymore of your time, let's see if you should keep reading.

If you don't connect with one of the following points, you're free to leave this page:

🔸 You love music production but struggle with the grasping the fundamentals (YouTube videos & beat making courses aren't helping).

🔸 You're excited about building your music producer brand, but you don't have confidence in your ability to market your beats (you have to demonstrate that your beats are valuable in order for them to make you money).

🔸 You make solid beats but can't get anything you make to sound like the stuff you hear your favorite producer make.

🔸 You want to make better beats using sounds, presets, and templates that have already been proven to get sales, syncs, and placements.

🔸 You want to spend less time in trial and error and more time in the creative flow.

🔸 You're already trying to build your producer brand, but your followers, subscribers, and/or income aren't increasing in meaningful amounts.

🔸 You want to work closely with producers who've already achieved or are seriously striving to achieve the same goals you have (growth, income, recognition).

Still here? Then you probably know why becoming a better, more valuable producer is worth it.


They Need Producers

Do more than just make beats. Build skills and develop tools you can leverage to serve the artists and further their career.

Yoo, I'm Chu

I'm an RiSA multi-platinum, award-winning record producer. I run an A&R firm (Dope Content Only, LLC) with a specialization in social media marketing.

I support artists with everything from the creation of instrumentals to the promotion & monetization of projects. Musicians (producers, artists, engineers) come to me when they have a a marketable skill they want to leverage to build an audience. 

What if there were a way to always know what my real time mixing strategies were?

What about my marketing and brand development techniques?

Do you want to know how I build a following with content creation and leverage that to work with more artists and grow my career?

How would it feel to know 100% that you have access to the exact samples that I am using in real time to get multiple international placements a year, hundreds of thousands of views per month on social media, and 100+ USD per day?

I’m showing you this because only a DOPE fam member would even care - so it feels more like sharing sauce with a homie. Let me show you my secret treasure.

This is what The Centerfold Drum Kit has evolved into.

The exact system I use everyday in my career, from kits and mixer presets to marketing strategies. 



The Centerfold System.

The one thing that makes $CFOLD rare for the DOPE fam is their desire to progress by making amazing beats.

It’s not a matter of if a DOPE family member will get $CFOLD. It’s a matter of 1) when they will get in, and 2) if they will get in at the right time.

$CFOLD is sort of like a decentralized currency. It exists within the ecosystem of my entire personal brand.

If you believe I will grow, then you believe the value of $CFOLD will also grow. This is why some people in the family got $CFOLD when it was 5 USD. And why some just got it today for 75 USD.

When it was 5 USD, it was only a drum kit. People are paying 75 USD today and calling it a steal because now it has:

🔸 A course that will teach you how to get your first 1 million views on YouTube

🔸 A full beat making course made by me.

🔸 My exact mixer presets

🔸 FL studio templates based on real placements I’ve gotten.

🔸 And so much more (which you can see by scrolling down on this page).

The cool thing is that the those who got $CFOLD for 5 USD didn’t have to pay an additional 70 USD to get the add-ons.

They got them because they bought in early.

I grow. You grow.

What’s it gonna be like when you get invited for free to an in-person studio session that’s gonna cost others 100 - 1000+ USD, all because you got a ‘drum kit’?

What’s it gonna be like having my most current sounds at no additional cost and getting access to my real time learning lessons about everything from sound design to marketing?

Can you imagine the bragging rights?🧙‍♂️

So click here now to get $CFOLD. Not for 75 USD, but for 45% off - $42


I guarantee that once you get your login access and see what’s truly inside, you’ll feel like you’ve made one hell of a logically sound decision.

If not, I will give you all your money back - And I won’t ask you a single question about it.

This will, unfortunately, make you a ‘sith defector’ (you learn why that’s bad later) - we’ll will do our best to keep you from future access of $CFOLD no matter what you are willing to pay because we just don’t like double dippers…

But we won’t be mad.

Not everyone is ready, and that is okay with me 🎈.

But if you believe getting $CFOLD today is a logically sound decision that will help you improve in every aspect of your music production, then you’ll get the past bonuses:

Full Mixer Preset Bundle (97 USD Value)

5+ years of award winning, RiSA Platinum selling experience went into this preset bundle

All Drum Kits Bundle, 10 additional kits including the super rare Paradigm 808 Kit (297 USD Value)

9 bonus drum kits 😤 (more detail on each below)

“Your first million YT views” course (97 USD Value)

We partnered with insdustry leading producer, BusyWorksBeats, to give you these essential YouTube growth tips and tricks so that you can enhance your brand reach domestically and internationally.

And the newest bonuses (only for now, because I change bonuses often but won’t restrict access to those who already have it because that would be unfair in my mind):

Replay access to all my mixing workshops 🧙‍♂️ (997 USD value)

You won’t get a ticket and can’t watch the live Q+A, but you will see an edited cut of the content taught 👁️

Heatmaker Template Bundle (97 USD Value)

2 templates designed from songs I've placed with Yanga Chief and DizzyEight (FL Studio Stock Plug-in Compatible) 👁️

🏆 And a chance to work with me ($497 Value)

Once a month I’ll be reaching out directly to producers who’ve bought the kit to hear what you’ve been working on.

I’ll review it (maybe even on stream) 👀

And if its a banger, I’ll hit you up for a collab so that we can drop it together on Spotify & YT Music!

Like I said, as of writing this, $CFOLD is 75 USD. I haven’t announced the 2 new bonuses you’re getting today… but once I do, it’s gonna be 100 USD.

Straight up.

Right now I am giving you a chance I only give to new members of the DOPE family once.

You can get $CFOLD right here right now for 45% off - $42. This vanishes once you leave.

You might get lucky if you save the URL for a day or two. But I change it regularly because I’m not kidding when I say I won’t do this for you again…

Don’t miss out on a chance to say you got something worth 1000 USD for only 42 USD - Get $CFOLD here.


I think the reviews will back up anything I said about the kit that seemed unsubstantiated:

Your Special Limited

Time Offer Includes...

The Centerfold Drum Kit

✔️ 80+ Royalty Free Drum Samples

✔️ Get the kit that won Kyle Beats' "King of the Hill" Contest

✔️ FREE Lifetime Updates

✔️ Courses included - Learn my best strategies for using this sound pack.

VALUE ($147)


✔️ High Quality WAV files of each sample, 100% Royalty-free


PLUS: Grab Your Centerfold Kit And Get These

💸 6 FREE Bonuses 💸

NEW Bonus

The 'All Preset Kits' Bundle ($97 Value)

Mix Just Like Me!!

VALUE: $97


✔️ 5+ years of award winning, RiSA Platinum selling experience went into this preset bundle - I really hope you enjoy :)

Free Bonus #1

The 'All Drum Kits' Bundle ($297 Value)

The 'All Drum Kits' Bundle

 All sounds are royalty free***

1. Kanto League (Trap Drumkit) 

Over 90 High-Quality, professionally processed drum sample inspired by Jaden Smith, Travis Scott, 6ix, Tory Lanez, and Drake.
- 9 808s
- 10 Claps
- 10 Kicks
- 26 HH
- 19 Percs
- 20 Snares 

2. Johto League Drumkit - Best Seller

 30 High-Quality Drum samples handcrafted by Chu. The sounds are inspired by the new tropical trap-wave and the kit is stockpiled with tons of dope sounds that are sure to subtle boost the overall quality of your beats!
-6 Kicks
-6 Claps
-6 Perc Snares
-6 808s
-3 HHs
-3 OHs

3. Centerfold (Trap Drumkit) - Best Seller  

Scroll down to read some reviews and testimonials of this sensational sample pack!
Over 50 High-Quality Drums Samples inspired by Chu's best beat, Centerfold. Come enjoy the same dope sounds that help craft "the beat"!
- 7 808s
- 7 Claps
- 7 HH
- 7 OH
- 7 Kicks
- 2 Perc Loops
- 7 Percs
- 2 Scale MIDIs
- 7 Snares
- 7 Vox 

4. Paradigm (808 Kit) - 2022 Update - Best Seller  

Bass & 808 one shot kit.
60 HQ 808/Bass Samples.

5. Centerfold Drum Kit V1.5

- 5 808s
- 3 FX
- 5 HHs
- 4 OHs
- 10 Kicks
- 2 Drum Fills 
- 2 Perc Loops
- 8 Percs 
- 10 Snares 
- 1 Clap
- 4 Vox 

6. Jungle (Creative Kit) - Best Seller 

- 10 Drumfills
- 11 Vox
- 8 FX
- 9 Riser/Transitions
- 3 Bonus Sounds

7. PIETA (Drumkit) 

- 13 808s
- 7 Percs
- 8 Claps
- 7 Kicks
- 5 OHs 
- 13 HHs

8. Blue Bonnet (Creative Kit)  

- 6 808s 
- 8 kicks 
- 4 claps
- 5 snares
- 3 hi hats 
- 3 open hats 
- 3 perc loops 
- 10 percs 
- 6 vox
- 4 sample loops 
- 2 drum fills 

9. Tranquility (Lofi Drumkit)  

Over 20 HQ Lofi Drum samples inspired by Lido, Medasin, 6LACK, and Jaden Smith
- 5 kick
- 3 sub-bass
- 10 snares 
- 6 hi-hats
- 2 open hats
- 2 fx
*All drums samples are royalty free

Free Bonus #2

'Your First Million Views' ($97 Value)

"Fast & Easy Way To Build Your Musical Empire from Scratch"

VALUE: $97


✔️ After working with international superstar artists like Boity, Yanga Chief, Elgrande Toto, Bernard Jabs, and Jaden Smith, Dope Content Only has tons of YouTube Growth Hacks for producers in the music business. So we partnered with insdustry leading producer, BusyWorksBeats, to give you these essential YouTube growth tips and tricks so that you can enhance your brand reach domestically and internationally.

Even more  bangers ($1,591 Value)

🏆 And a chance to work with me ($497 Value)

Once a month I’ll be reaching out directly to producers who’ve bought the kit to hear what you’ve been working on.

I’ll review it (maybe even on stream) 👀

And if its a banger, I’ll hit you up for a collab so that we can drop it together on Spotify & YT Music!



The Centerfold Drum Kit:

✅ 80 Drum Samples in HQ Wav Format ($147 Value) 

 Plus all these Bonuses for FREE!

✅ ​Your First Million View YouTube Growth Course ($97 Value)

Mixer Preset Pack Bundle ($97 Value)

✅ The "All Drum Kits" Bundle ($297 Value)

Replay access to all mixing workshops ($997 Value)

Heatmakers Template Bundle ($97 Value)

🏆 A chance to work with me ($497 Value)

 TOTAL VALUE: $2,229

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