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I'm dropping 24 albums in 2024

brand development Mar 23, 2024

there's more to it, but that's all I can tell you (for now 🤐).


what I can tell you now are gems 💎 on why and how I'm doing this.

first, the 'why'; 3 reasons:

  1. I want to be the go-to producer for my sound for every sync library I'm in and every artists I'm tapped in with (so I gotta trap and feed the streets).
  2. the more music I make, the better I get at making music (my favorite).
  3. the more good music I have released and placed, the stronger my catalog becomes (leading to higher and higher monthly publishing and royalty payouts 💸)

Now, the 'how';

how am I 5 projects deep so far in 2024,

with 19 more on the otw??

3 things;

1) My workflow is tight.

not in a way that makes things monotonous and uncreative;

more in a way that keeps me from wasting energy so I can actually do my job efficiently.

my mixer presets and templates in Elysium are especially helpful for this. 

2) the music is good, so it's acquiring motion.

this gives me confidence which motivates me to keep dropping.

the one thing my agents and artists keep saying as feedback is,

"your mix sounds so unique/amazing."

(that's actually the most consistent feedback I get from producers and engineers as well, now that I think about it lol).

3) Time blocking.

I set time aside everyday to make music.

And I do NOT tell myself to be perfect. 

Just sit down and create:

Export; on to the next.

"Hibachi." 🍱

(word to the OG Conductor Williams).

I posted this on IG the other day, I think it's a good TL;DR for this discussion:


I'm almost done w/ my 6th tape of 2024 😎.

I just finished mixing down one of the beats with my presets. 

You can peep the morning cook up here 🔥.

& you can peep tape #5, Full Court Press, on;

(it dropped yesterday).



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