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3 keys to unlock your superpowers - “Outwitting The Devil”, Ch. 4 Book Review

book club May 22, 2024

I'm about to tell you something that the devil would prefer you didn’t know.

Because knowing this puts you 100% out of his control, and brings you in direct contact with God.

This book report is based on Chapter 4 of Napoleon Hill’s “Outwitting The Devil.”

As explained in this chapter, most humans (98%) procrastinate.

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The reason we do this is because we sometimes (often) make a habit of not thinking independently.

Choosing not to think for yourself has the consequence of drastically increasing your ignorance.

Here’s the huge problem with that.

Fear increases directly proportionate to ignorance.

You’ve known this your whole life.

It’s such common knowledge that most cultures have some kind of cliche that goes, “people hate what they fear because they cannot understand it.”

And you especially know this internally.

That feeling that makes you procrastinate is fear, nothing but fear.

Fear of the task being boring.

Fear that it’ll be difficult.

Fear in the potential for failure.

If we don't think for ourselves, ignorance and fear take over and do it for us.

Becoming a superhero is as simple as undoing this dependent thinking.

This is achieved by developing the habit of depending on nothing but the power of your own mind.

This is simple, but not necessarily easy.

So here are 3 tips that will jump start the process 👇

The superhero quick start manual - by REDACTED.

1) Start saving people. Like… Duh! What do you think heroes do??

Offer service in order to increase your hero reputation.

This will make you think critically about what you have to offer and how you can offer it.

Even if it’s at school or work, find a way to do it.

Can you make the cooks in the cafeteria smile today by complimenting the food?

How about helping your co-worker with something just to lighten the load on them?

Hill states in this chapter that if we want anything, we must give something.

And we must give FIRST, BEFORE we receive.

2) Most heroes aren't stupid.


true failure is caused by procrastination and laziness, and these are cause by fear (the fear to take action).

Fear is a symptom of ignorance.

Ignorance is cured by

  1. knowledge, and
  2. wisdom (tested knowledge).

3) Understand your backstory.

Heroes always have backstories that define their character.

Us heroes in training are no different.

Know thyself, my G.



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