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Aug 05, 2023

I’ve experienced some solid growth on social media lately, so I want to share some lessons from it that may be helpful to you.

1 - Hate and anger are fuel

Negative emotions aren’t that useful to me creatively. But they make for excellent motivators.

Every time someone mocked me with “you fell off.” Every time some asshole kicked me while I was down during the worst phase of my life so far..

I screenshotted it and journaled about it. I transmuted my rage into action.

That’s why I have 700%+ growth on Instagram right now. That’s why I’m gaining 1k subs a month on YT.

2 - Success is an indicator of value delivered 

Success doesn’t indicate clout or popularity. Success demonstrates the perception of your value.

The algorithm is not a computer. It’s real people.

The algorithm wasn’t “tanking my content.” Real people were perceiving it as low value.

3 - Intelligence and talent are hindering 

I used to think that my content had to be intellectual in order to please audio purists.

And I’d be scared to post anything because I didn’t want to chance anyone hearing a beat that wasn’t my best.

But the truth is only a small group of losers actually care about that. And We aren’t marketing to losers.

No one truly talented cares about what you’re doing, especially not when you’re giving it your honest best effort.

And truly well learned creatives understand that it takes decades to come even remotely close to true mastery, and that there’s no faults in sharing lessons while on your way to said mastery.

Most people will be happy that you’re sharing. Those who aren’t are bitter because they are too scared to put themselves out there. 

4 - Repeat successes

When you find something that works, stick with it no matter what.

Every popular creative is known for a few key traits. None are jacks-of-all-trades.

If you’re getting 4 likes every post and then all of a sudden you get 20 on one, you need to examine that.

And then run it into the ground. 

Figure out if that leads to “your thing.”

Your sound. Your style.


A small group will grieve you for doing the same thing over and over. Again, we aren’t marketing to drive-by haters.

We are creating value for our repeat consumer. This is done through the repetition of ideas related to a niche set of topics. 

5 - Study failure

I used to be scared to fail, but now I enjoy it. It’s a direct notification from the universe that something in your plan needs adjustment.

Failure is the language of success. The better your understanding of failure, the more you can enjoy success.

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