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5 tips that’ll help you make 10x more beats

effectiveness Jun 01, 2024

You need more leverage.

Because the main thing holding producers back is lack of motion.

Think about literally anything you could complain about with being a producer.

It’d probably become a non-factor if you had more motion.

Motion gives you leverage to do more.

1 - The best way to increase your leverage and build motion is to work with more producers.

This gives you access to tons of opportunities you just don’t have on your own.

And don’t even give me an excuse that you can’t find people, cause we just crossed 1,700 members in discord.

And DOPE, my record label, has 70 members willing to link with you rn  .

You’ve got a whole host of homies waiting for you to T tf up.

[Jam 5ive’s single “Quantum Shift” on our “Dark Trap Beats 2024” playlist 🔥]

2 - Use loops way more, especially if you know you’re a drum programmer.

Again, discord and DOPE can help a lot here.

Also, here are a few of my kits that have Dope melodies:

  1. March Madness (freebie).
  2. Elysium Demo (freebie).
  3. Shadow - $5.
  4. Elysium Full - $25.

And you can peep this guide to learn how I flip loops.

The key 🔑 here is understanding that it’s about teamwork.

Producers that don’t like using loops are silly [read: goofy af] because all loops do is change the way we collab.

Instead of the person needing to be in the room, they can just send you their half of the work (the same goes for collaboration on project files).

So what producers are really saying when they say don’t use loops, is that you shouldn’t collab because it’s cheating and you should do everything on your own.

Idk about you, but I literally cannot take any creative seriously if they think like that 🤨.

They obviously don’t even know what creativity is.

3 - So don’t think like ‘most internet producers.’

This is probably the biggest gem in here 💎 - if you can grasp it.

Because ‘most internet producers’ never go anywhere.

That’s not you - we’re a unique pocket of the community.

For example, remember my video essay on Value and how it determines your income as a music producer?

Most of the Dope Fam had amazing stuff to say:

But we also had a few crybabies form the outside:

This is sad. Pitiful really.

But also good for us because that’s the competition.

And they’re easy to dominate because they have so many limiting beliefs.

In fact, the next tip is something they’d hate too.

[Jam IFEELVOID’s single “Faces” on our “Dark Trap Beats 2024” playlist 🔥]

4 - Turn your best projects into templates.

That’s why I use the template from the Shadow Multi-kit religiously - it’s literally a project file from one of the biggest exclusive deals I closed last year (4-figure payout in 5 minutes for 2 beats).

Crybabies will say it’s uncreative or cheating.

But this is what all top level creatives, especially musicians, do.

And they do it because it works - I won’t explain why here, but ask me in discord.

Here’s the thing - those top level guys, by literal definition, are not ‘most producers.’


Do you wanna do what the top creatives do or what ‘most creatives’ [read:wannabes] do?

Because most producers work hard for the sake of working hard.

I used to be like this HEAVY - but experience and mentorship taught me valuable lessons about how to use my creative energy effectively.

[Jam Carl Steven Jung’s new single “When I Walk In The Desert” on our “Dark Trap Beats 2024” playlist 🔥]

5 - Do less in order to achieve more.

Crybabies will hate this one the most.

To tell someone that their hard work is what’s slowing them down is a tough pill to swallow.

All I can say is that I know a few successful people that work hard af all day.

But most of the successful people I know work as hard as they can on things they love in short bursts. Once their energy is gone, they just do something else until it’s back.

That’s why the newsletter covering how I practice suggested doing the bare minimum you can handle.

Instead of being overwhelmed to the point of accomplishing nothing, just focus as hard as you can for a small amount of time.

I’ll tell you a secret - I only “work” about 5 hours or so per day (maybe less tbh).

But while I'm working, an earthquake could happen and I probably wouldn’t notice.

Because I'm so locked in, so laser focused.

I spilled a few secrets on how I do that in this newsletter.

Be the kind of producer who thinks for themselves (a rare breed).

And then find other producers who do the same - here are 2 places to look:

  1. The #DopeContentOnly Discord.
  2. DOPE, the record label.



Join My Label, DOPE 🔥


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