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Kendrick did it again 😰 - Sunday, March 24, 2024

sunday best Mar 24, 2024

Happy Sunday homie 🤝

I made like 40 beats this week (been OD inspired),

so I wanna share somethings that have been motivating me - I feel like we're similar, so you might fw these too.

1) Leaving Fremont 🚀.

my friend Seth is a talented filmmaker.

he made a 90 second movie about chasing your dreams

(for a film contest that he'll prolly win, Seth is really good).

you can peep it here (let him know Chu sent you!). [make sure to vote for his film here!!!]

2) Realizing Future is the best rapper 👑.

I found a video essay last night making the case that Future might be the greatest trap rapper.

ngl... bro makes a good mf case.

especially with Future's consistency while evolving from project to project.

you can peep his full essay here (let him know Chu sent you!)

& speaking of Future...

3) The BIG Stepper 👀.

Future is the 🐐 GOAT simply because real recognizes real.

(I'm glad too, cause integrity was looking shaky in the industry; but Metro & Hendrix would be the ones to rescue us 🔥)


We don't even need to say anything here...

But we addressed it in discord 😂

come vibe w/ us if you wanna add your thoughts to the conversation.

4) Shadows 🥷.

I've been going crazy with the Shadow Multi Kit to make 'We Don't Trust You' type beats. 

the MIDI melodies and the template are the most helpful, 

but I'm even going back and flipping the melodies and making stuff artists are loving 🦾.

You can peep Shadow here for only $2 - that or Centerfold is a good intro into my paid kit discography.

5) We Don't Trust You 🔫.

this album had me too inspired bruh.

I workout to it.

I shower to it.

I do my publishing and A&R paperwork too it.

this really is me 😂:

there should be classes in music school just to study this man's understanding frfr.

I made a crazy beat this morning high off the inspiration from this project.

You can peep it here 🔥.



Ps. something special is dropping this week - I hinted at it on IG the other day 👇

(it's back, in a big way...)

Join My Label, DOPE 🔥


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