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Candle Joseph - Premier League [ft. AMAKU] (Prod. Chu)

chu dope music Aug 23, 2022

Houston native, Candle Joseph, does it again. This guy is not regular.

Simply put: the man is a hit maker extraordinaire with a prolific talent for putting bars together in a way that I truly believe rivals the likes of Jay-Z and Drake.

Lofty comparisons? Yes.

But Candle more than enough to live up to them.

His bar structure and breathe control are incredible. And his punchlines almost always leave you in gut wrenching laughter or in a state of philosophical pondering.

Candle’s latest single, Premier League, is his best outting yet.

Besides sporting a godly feature from counterpart, AMAKU, and amazing production from yours truly, Premier League makes one thing painfully clear: Candle Joseph can drop a hit whenever he damn well pleases.

He’s proven this with his single Mama Bella, which has well over 200,000 total streams. And his most recent mix tape release, Inferno, has over half a million streams total, including his hit single Vendetta.

And if the 10,000 streams on Premier League in only 2 weeks of its release are any sign, we can pencil Joseph in for another 6 figure stream banger. And this is all from a guy who isn’t even doing music full time.

The sky is the limit for Candle, especially if he continues connecting with talent like AMAKU.

Check out Premier League here 👇. Be sure to run it up, add it to all your playlists, share it with your friends and follow all the artists featured! (AMAKU, Candle Joseph, and Chu)

This track was produced by me, Chu (Chibuzor Ugwu). Sometimes people also refer to me as Chubeats, prodbychu, Chu the producer, or Todd Grey (these are all alternative stage names for me).

I’m an award winning, RiSA Platinum selling producer with 100,000+ YouTube subscribers.

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