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Chu, thoughts on Utopia?

music reviews Jul 31, 2023

You can check out my live reaction to Utopia here.

Here are a few more thoughts on the project after my first weekend of listening 👇

Utopia is on pace to do 500k first week.

It will definitely blow past anything dropped this year.

Only Swift or Beyoncé could beat that. 

Maybe the Weeknd. 


But even they couldn't because Travis had 4 years of hype on his side.

And this is all with the shitty critical takes from bros who wanted more guitar type beats lol

No offense but i think most people are missing the point with what Travis did with the album.

On top of that, people almost never have a good first reaction to Travis albums..

Which is why i don't understand how any one is so sure where it's gonna land critically. 

Like... it's literally art bro. we have to wait and see. even my AOTY take is a stretch. It's just statistically substantiated, in my opinion... and by statistical analysis, which you can just Google.

Whereas people calling it mid or a flow seem to be wafflin' contrarians, in my opinion.

The only thing we can be sure of is; 1) it's topping charts globally 2) it's the biggest release by an artist this year (outside of RAYE, maybe) everything else we have to wait and see.



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