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Chu's Portfolio - Awards & Accolades

chu Oct 03, 2023

Awards & Accolades

RiSA Multi Platinum Selling

2019 South Africa Hip Hop Awards Song Of The Year - Winner

2020 South Africa Hip Hop Awards Mixtape Of The Year - Winner

2018 Kyle Beats' "King of the Hill" Battle - 1st Place Winner

2022 (August) Barron Collection Family Dinner Beat Battle - 1st Place Winner

Stream count

14 million + YouTube views

6 million stream on solo act music (Stage Name: Chu (or Chu f/k/a Todd Grey)

200 million total stream accounted for (can be verify by the following clearinghouses: SonyATV, Muso, ASCAP)

Network Placements

BET - US (General usage JV agreement) 

BET - SA (General usage JV agreement) 

MTV - US (General usage JV agreement) 

MTV - SA (General usage JV agreement) 

CBS (East New York) - read more about this sync

*Full* Placement Discography

Listen on YouTube

Listen on Spotify

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