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FAQ: Chu, I just made a song/beat with your loop. What now?

frequently asked questions May 30, 2022

Thanks for your support!!

 All Dope Content Only, LLC sample packs and preset banks are 100% royalty free. However, redistribution and repackaging are strictly prohibited! Rendering the files and releasing the exact samples as your own original content is prohibited. However, using the samples, presets, loops, rhythms, melodies, etc included in the kits is perfectly acceptable. If you have any further questions regarding copyrights and royalty email [email protected] .

If you place a record with a Major Label/Artist using the sample(s) in this kit, you agree to credit Chu and/or Dope Content Only, LLC Creatives and split all publishing and royalties 70% (you) / 30% (me). 

IG: @prodbychu

Dope Content Only, LLC - Copyright (C) 2024 All Rights Reserved

Frequently Asked Questions ~

Here are a few answers to some questions regarding the sample(s) you used:

Q: Which of your samples are royalty free?

A: Any sample purchased or downloaded legally from or is considered 100% royalty free by Dope Content Only, LLC. Also, If I offered you the samples as a free download on YouTube, Instagram, or email, they'll also be considered royalty free. 

Q: Do I have to clear anything via payment?

A: No. As long as - 1) You bought the sample(s) from my store, 2) downloaded the sample from my site, 3) were sent the sample personally by me - you will be fine.

There is no need to pay me any money.

Q: How do I credit you?

A: 1) Mandatory: Just add (Prod. 'Your Name' & Chu) on platform titles and credit metadata.  2) Optional: Add me to your publishing split at any percentage your and your team see fit [contact [email protected] for account information], 3) Optional: Add me to the songs PRO split at any percentage you and your team see fit [I use ASCAP {IPI NAME NUMBER #1069667708}. If you use a different PRO than me, please contact [email protected] so we can sort it out immediately.

Q: How does publishing work?

A: Via the honor system. But also, there's good content ID systems out these days. As long as we follow the guidelines each sample maker sets (like this web page here), we should all be fine. Let's all respect each other and make beautiful art 🙏.

Q: What is your Distrokid info?

A: My account on Distrokid is linked to the email ‘[email protected]'  - please do not contact me at this email. This is all you should need to add me to your team.

Q: What if I place the song with a major artist or on a TV show?

A: Notify Chu and/or Dope Content Only, LLC if you have placed the song using our loops with a major artist or on a TV show. We'll split all publishing and royalties 70% (you) / 30% (me) - or a different split that results in a higher percentage for you (like 80/20 your way).

For the best results, please reach out to [email protected] if you believe you may be in this specific situation. My publishers are good with helping us get paid.

Q: What is your ASCAP info?


Q: What is your BMI info?

A: I don’t have a BMI account. Please reach out so I can provide you with information on how to crosslink our PROs, if need be. 



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