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How To Make Guitar Trap Bangers For Travis Scott w/ Stock FL Studio Plug-ins ONLY

stock plugins only travis scott May 17, 2022

When I started making beats in 2017, there were no good free or stock guitar VSTs.

If you didn’t know how to play guitar by hand, you had to be prepared to cough up the 1000+ USD for Omnisphere and Kontakt so that you could get some half decent guitar patches.

Today, there are tons of great, cost effect options when it comes to emulating guitars. One of the best is FL Studio’s stock VST, FLEX.

FLEX is what Omnisphere fan boys think Omnisphere is. FLEX is powers, expansive and cloud based. 

And on top of all that, Image-Line is constantly updating the plug-in real-time with the highest quality patches and banks.

In today’s video, I show how to make an authentic guitar trap beat from scratch using FLEX and other FL Studio stock plug-ins. My goal is to show you a precise method for turning the ideas in your head into full songs using FLEX and Fl Studio.

3 things you will learn from the video are;

  •  The best free guitar patches in FLEX
  •  The best FX to put on guitars to make the sound lush and beautiful. 
  •  An unbeaten method for programming hard, Travis Scott/RODEO style drum & 808 patterns

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