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How To Make Lush Trap Bangers Like Metro Boomin’ & Pyrex Whippa w/ FL Studio Stock Plug-ins ONLY

metro boomin' stock plugins only May 16, 2022

Metro Boomin’ is one of the best at making catchy trap melodies. He’s taken simple practice and turned it into a science. 

A few things that stand out about his production are his melodies and the way he layers his sounds. This allows Metro to outshine his peers - he has a great ear for fitting sounds together.

In today’s video, I show my new strategy for creating melodies like the legend himself.

3 things you will learn from this video are:

  •  How to create catchy, simple dark trap melds from scratch
  •  The best stock VSTs and presets to use when making Metro type beats
  •  The SECRET to programming hard ATL style trap drums

Go here to learn my new method now!

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