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How to mix your melodies correctly

chu melody making mixing Jul 27, 2022

I made a guide on how to mix your melodies.

In this lesson, you’ll learn:

  • How to layer instruments
  • The effects I use (All stock FL Studio)
  • How to make your melody mixes clean AF

You can go here to learn.

Whenever I get a placement, the artist always says it’s my mix that caught their attention.

That’s the key.

Besides the melody itself, artists mostly only care about things sounding good.

Remember, the drums just have to not be garbage and you’ll be fine.

If you focus on making good melodies and improving the way you mix them, artists will have no choice but to pay attention to you.

That’s what I focus on in order to get their attention.

If you want to know what I do to get sales once I have that attention, check out my ‘Earn Your First 1000 USD Making Beats’ bundle.

The worse feeling is knowing you have good beats but no way to sell them.

I’ll show you how to finally get a fair reward for all your effort.

Join us here.

Have a blessed day.

“Stay happy, stay healthy, and always be creating. Just make sure it’s Dope Content Only.”



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