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L. Dre gives young producers the keys to the game

brand development earn money marketing Aug 20, 2022
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I watched L. Dre’s new video yesterday on stream and it was amazing. You can check out the video and my love reaction above.

I’m not sure what I expected. L. Dre is one of those guys who's known for his genuine authenticity.

Not only does he talk the talk, but he walks the walk, which is over 99% of ‘successful’ producers can claim.

You probably won’t see your favorite ‘placement flexer’ giving you any gems on how to get into the industry. Therefore, I like this video by L. Dre.

He’s living proof that you don’t need the industry to make hundreds of thousands of dollars a year producing music.

And he could be content with the fact that he makes more than almost all producers with major publishing deals. But he takes it a step further by constantly sharing his information and methods.

I love this about L. Dre because he goes far in demonstrating that we can ALL eat as producers. His transparency is refreshing.

I’ll briefly go over some of what he covered in his video, but if you want the full scoop, check out the video above.



It might be easy to discount streaming as a method for making money because the payout per stream is so small.

L. Dre does an excellent job of explain how these streams can easily rack up into a nice income as long as you apply a consistent and sound marketing strategy.


Content creation.

This is the one that all producers should focus on right now. There’s so much space available for producers who will create valuable content and build an audience from that.

The current content creators consume themselves with shilling crap kits and making corny content to appease their sponsors. There’s a tremendous need for a new generation of tutorial makers who genuinely care about inspiring and educating the community.


Sample packs.

I won’t say much about this because I already have a whole blog post and 40+ minute video dedicated to explaining the importance of this. It also gives you a full blueprint on how to implement this strategy into your business.

You can check out the video here.



I can attest to this.

I recently got 1000 USD from a one of my beats being placed in a Netflix show. And L. Dre talks about how he makes anywhere from 1500 USD to 18000 USD from this method.

It can be incredibly lucrative if approached correctly. I talk a lot about this in the DOPE Dynasty Guide, which comes free in the 4TEEN Drum Kit bundle.



In L. Dre’s words, “use caution” with this strategy. Check out the video above to see just how much he made with NFTs, because it’ll blow your mind.

That’s being said, you probably won’t replicate his results. But that doesn’t mean you should use this method.

As I explained in the stream, the best time to do something is when no one else wants to. Now that all the crypto hype has died down, it could be the perfect time to start a new project to prepare for the next wave of high market morale.

These tips by L. Dre were all fire, but my favorite was definitely Streams. I’m trying to grow my Spotify right now, and I’ve gained about 2000 listeners in the last week thanks to my new single PREMIER LEAGUE.

The thesis of L. Dre video is ownership. Whatever you do, make sure you’re the one in control.

Learn your craft, and learn you market your skills.

It could be worth literally millions for you.



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