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my cheat code for horn/brass melodies (Xpand VST Review)

3rd party vsts instrument vsts Mar 21, 2024

these kinds of melodies are popular af.

but they are hard to make unless you understand the concept of 'articulation.'

articulation just means a different strum/stroke/blow style for the same instrument.

a different accent, if you will.

tomato, tomato 🍅.

staccato, pizzicato 🎻.

So here are a bunch of different kinds of articulations:

  • sustain
  • pizzicato
  • staccato
  • crescendo 
  • decrescendo 

and there's a bunch more I'm forgetting from my days as a band nerd 🤓. 

and this applies to almost all orchestral instruments:

  • flute
  • trumpet 
  • trombone 
  • violin
  • cello

the key 🔑 with a good horn/brass melody is layering articulations, because this is what an orchestra would actually do. 

one section of trumpet might play staccato, while the other plays crescendo (and things of that nature).

Xpand is OP for this because;

  1. it has many high quality emulations of orchestral instruments and their articulations.
  2. it allows you to layer up to 4 preset patches in one (1) instance of itself (meaning 1 instance of Xpand is all you need to build your orchestra).

tbh I think I made my best beat of the week with Xpand on Tuesday - you can see how that cook up went here 🔥.

If you want the super crisp quality like in the beat from that cook up, my mixer preset bundle can 100% help you there 🤝.

& If you wanna peep Xpand, you can find it (and more info about it) on the AIR website here.



Ps. Xpand is good for all kinds of melodies too, not just orchestral stuff!

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