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stack income, not clout

brand development marketing Mar 18, 2024

at least, that's how I look at it homie.

Level 2 content creation is 75% off for only 48 more hours,

and we've been talking about how content creation can be the backbone of a successful producer brand.


There's a secret that I feel like no one understands (it might just be me though).

Here it is 👇

Virality doesn't pay bills, catalog does.

One viral piece of content doesn't mean anything; one song getting 100,000 streams because of a playlist doesn't mean anything. 

It's a decent amount of money in the best case scenario.

It's also unpredictable and unscalable.


A library of valuable evergreen video content pays dividends every month 😉

(no matter how the economy is, no matter how the algorithm is working). 

That's a bit better than hoping, praying, and worrying about going viral. 

And being able to get consistent publishing checks because you have loyal listenership is better than spending the same amount of money (or more) to get playlisted for some random streams (that don't recur). 

I could keep talking about the benefits...

About how growing your brand gives you access to more established creators over time.

Or how content creation is a key aspect of improving your craft.

Maybe even how making content can get you TV syncs on autopilot...

But I told you all about that already a couple of days ago 😅.

If you're in Level 2, start making content (and albums 💎)!!

What are you waiting for?? 

That catalog is not going to build itself.

And if you're interested in getting level 2 while it's still 75% off for 48 more hours only, you can check it out here.



ps. this is how you'll be every time you post content after you take the course 👇😂

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