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Submit your beats to the #1 playlist on Spotify - Trabbey

playlisting May 29, 2024

Trabbey is a prolific record producer, regularly maintaining a listenership of well over 200,000 per month on just Spotify.

He also runs the #1 Hip-Hop beats playlist on Spotify:

I’m actually blessed enough to regularly have at least one song on this prestigious playlist.

One thing I love about Trabbey is that he’s a producer, through and through.

He just so happens to also be a prolific playlist curator.

Because of this, his playlist is huge yet authentic. He personally curates all submissions and routinely engages with the producer community.

Trabbey doesn’t show preference to any one. Clout and money won’t get you on his playlist, only good beats will.

Trabbey has a paid review submission portal as well - I have experienced amazing results with it (learn more about how to safely navigate paid submissions here)

And he’s got a bunch more playlists too (he holds more than one spot in the top ten Spotify beats playlists):

And I'm grateful to have some on these too:

This is a playlister you should be submitting to every time you drop a new beat. It’s probably the toughest one to get on of all those referenced on this site, but it’s a legit opportunity to land somewhere big.

Not many big playlists like this are so ethical, so take advantage 🧠.

You can submit to all of Trabbey’s playlists using this link 🔥.



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