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Sunday Best #1 - January 8, 2023

Sunday Best #1 - January 8, 2023

sunday best Jan 09, 2023
Starting the year off with nothing but fire on the playlists. I expected nothing less.
Here's the updated trap beats playlist:
Three of my favorites were;
  1. Bladez, Bladez, & Bladez - Sliceman (he has 3 spots this week, all worthy)
  2. 11 AM - Blckid Beats (refreshing take on trap production)
  3. Mari Pt. 2 - Nastalgic & Chef the 9 god (fresh, bouncy, and a total trip)
And here's the updated songs playlist;
Three of my favorites here;
  1. THREE HEADS* - Jean Dawson (you will listen to this at least ten times)
  2. cbd - brakance (in 5 years, it'll be cool to say you found brakence before the massive blow up)
  3. End Like That - Kodie Shane (it's always fun to hear Wondagurl producing R&B)
Soundtrack your week with these jams. And please do reach out to me on Instagram to let me know what your favorites are!!
See ya next Sunday!
PS. Yes, submission are open again :)

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