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Centerfold made me $194.93 this week

sync publishing Mar 31, 2024

on autopilot too 😎.

I got a new sync pub deal this week (I been in the trap frfr).

with this company, they license my beats in packs,

and I get a cut each time a license is sold.

here's how the first 5 days have been 👇

Is this because of clout?

No; the library doesn't know about my nearly 200,000 social media followers.

Is there's something I know that you don't?

There shouldn't be; because I teach everything on my YT channel for free, including how to get paid for your beats.

So what is it?

The beats sound good 🔑.

there is no trick.

no gimmick.

just really good beats.

and that's all because of Centerfold.

& if you want to know why Centerfold allows my beats to become a money making army, go here ASAP 💸.

because the Centerfold Bundle is only available for 48 more hours.

after this, it will never be less than $50 again.

(I'm sure the bundle is worth more than even that, just based on the results I get everyday of my life).

And I've decided not to put Centerfold 4 in my kit store.

So if you really want the full Centerfold bundle, don't miss out (at least peep the reviews 🤝). 

after this, it'll be gone for a while.

And when it's back, it'll be a lot more expensive.



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