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BBC Symphony Orchestra Discover is the best free VST of 2024

free vsts spitfire Mar 15, 2024

I found this insane VST the other day,

called BBC Symphony Orchestra Discover.

it literally puts an entire orchestra at your disposal - I created a whole symphony in my cook up this morning with it 🎹.

it has every instrument you need:

  1. violin
  2. viola
  3. trumpet (and other horns, I believe).
  4. flutes
  5. piano
  6. cello

and so much more 🔥

the fact that it's free makes no sense.

but that's because they actually used to charge $50 for this! (so you know it's really good).

You might wanna grab it now, because you never know if they'll decide to start charging for it again 🤷‍♂️.

DOWNLOAD BBC Symphony Orchestra Discover HERE.

Use this VST w/ the MIDI and presets from Elysium to pump out banger after banger 🦾

& if you don't have The Elysium Multi-Kit, you can grab it here for 50% off (only $10) in celebration of St. Patricks Day weekend 🍀.

Lmk what you think🤝



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