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First step of building a producer brand

brand development Jul 20, 2023

 Most producers can’t make a name for themselves because it’s hard to cut through all the noise.

You have to know how to build a brand that will get noticed.

Over the next few days, let’s talk about 3 ways to do this 🙏.

Here’s number 1👇

Learn to make good music and inject your style into it

There’s no way to get around this.

Do this so that the listener enjoys the experience of listening to your music.

Copy the style of your favorite producer.

But I really mean steal it (yes, even from me).

Good artists borrow, great artists steal.” -  Pablo Picasso

Then put your own slight spin on it.

Tips 2 and 3 are coming tomorrow, so be on the lookout.

But.. if you want gems like this on a much deeper level right now…

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