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This is exactly how to find sync libraries

sync publishing Mar 31, 2024

in the message from the other day I told you about how I make money from sync publishing,

and how most artists fumble this bag simply by not knowing how to go about it.

(nope, still not trying to sell you a course - I promise I only have beats and engineering for you).

the hardest part for me was (and still is) finding libraries in the first place.

getting accepted is tough too, but if you have;

  1. good music
  2. knowledge of how to find and apply to libraries

then it's essentially a math equation, and the operating function is your effort/output (& consistency + financial literacy).

I can help you with #1 here - you know I got the bangers.

and I can help you with #2 too.

you can actually just search for them on google, 

but if you've tried this then you know you won't find anything but the same basic ones that everyone mentions, like;

  • Artlist ,
  • Pond5 or,
  • Epidemic sound 

and these are fine.

but they are on the first page of Google lol.

so we aren't the first ppl to type "sync licensing libraries" in the search bar and find these sites.

the key 🔑 when searching is knowing the keyword phrase to type in (idk why it's like this, it's on some gatekeeper type shiiii ngl).

So try these key word phrases when you search for libraries 👇

  • music library directories
  • production library directories

And here are some bonus tips I've found 🔽

BONUS #1 - LinkedIn.

go to LinkedIn and search these phrases:

  • production library 
  • music library
  • sync library

these keywords will bring up time wasting nonsense on Google,

but on LinkedIn it will show you real people you can connect with who may become your direct point of contact for sync opportunities in the future (I'll write more on this next month)


you can search your favorite movies and other video media on IMDb and find out exactly who's behind scoring them.

this can lead to you finding ways to connect with them or their production companies.

(this is another thing I'll write about next month - a 'how to search on IMDb' guide)

BONUS #3 - your producers.

established producers will usually have sync agents, so you can hit them up to see if they want to float your collaborative singles and projects to their publishing connects.

for example, lmk if we have any music together - I can look it over and we can talk opportunities.

and if we don't have music together, you can fix that here ASAP.

I'll hit you up in a few days to let you know about 25 sync libraries I've applied to so far, which ones accepted me, and what kinds of my tracks get used the most 🙏.



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