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artist development earn money sync publishing Mar 19, 2024

sync pub is where you make hella bread in music 💸.

I make a few thousand each month on back end just from that.

for example, I have a track with Moo$h

& Cam Meekins 

called "Wish Me Luck."

That got us on a CBS show 📺.

why does this matter to you tho?

Because I'm your proof that the sync back end isn't cap.

And there's a real way to get in the game and eat 🍽️.

step 1 is good music - these sync libraries play no games about the quality.

I've got some of the best instrumental beats on the internet for you here - and you can reply if you wanna talk to me about helping you w/ mixing and mastering. 

Once your quality is up, you're ready for step 2...

which I'll tell you about tomorrow, because this message is getting long 😅.

and no, I'm not selling some sync course lol (I don't have anything to sell you other than production and engineering).

This mailing list is just about helping my artists homies eat 🍱🥘.

(cause ppl really die for lack of knowledge).



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