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How to improve your emotional state with EmReg

anthropology human psychology May 26, 2024

You want to address the emotions first.

You aren't reacting to the situation.

You’re reacting to the emotions, which are simply a biochemical phenomenon occurring in your brain.

Awareness of this fact doesn’t directly give you the power to “overcome” your emotions.

But the constant re-igniting and sustaining of this awareness creates a neural pathway whose sole function is emotional regulation (EmReg).

EmReg gives you power over your emotions.

It’s my theory that EmReg is a normal function of a healthy mind and brain.

Understanding emotions (and addressing them first, instead of the situation) as they arise is like a workout that exercises and trains the mind (brain) to be better at the creation of some chemical or the execution of some physiological process.

So the goal is;

  1. To understand your current level of EmReg fitness.
  2. To understand the fundamental inputs and outputs of EmReg fitness.
  3. To define and desire toward an objectively optimal state of EmReg fitness.

The degree to which you are EmReg fit is the degree to which you can observe your emotions and let them be without you being overtaken by them; this also, consequently, determines the degree of quality of life you experience.

You know how well you can regulate your emotions.

This is something you can and should self-assess.

No one is there, it’s just you and the screen you’re looking at.

(& my spirit wishing you well through these symbols causing chemical reactions as your eyes perceive and convert them into electrical signals).

You can be real about your situation. It’s important because the 12-step-program for alcoholics says it best - the first step to solve an addiction is to admit that you have one.

We do, in fact, get additcted to our emotions. I can’t give you the details here, but check out “Becoming Supernatural” by Dr. Joe Dispenza if you want to learn more of the science behind this real life magic.

So, step 1 —> “Look in the mirror!”

Is your emotional regulatory function shreded with 6 pack abs. Or does it need one of those motor cart things every time it goes grocery shopping.

Step 2 —> Understand what makes your EmReg function ‘fat’ and what moves it toward the direction of being jacked 🦾.

Do things that help you develop EmReg fitness;

  • Practice mindfulness.
  • Learn conversation skills.
  • Increase your negotiation ability.
  • Start a meditation practice.
  • Read about basic human psychology (you’re literally a human gang, it’s wild if you don’t understand your psychology).
  • Actual exercise and good diet (and good sleep!!).

And don't do things that degrade EmReg fitness;

  • Gossiping, cheating, stealing.
  • Consuming large amounts of tabloid news.
  • Overconsumption of digital content (that’s unbalanced by analog activities such as board games, writing, and good in-person conversations).
  • Refusing to exercise or eat well.
  • Sleep deprivation.

Things that develop EmReg fitness do so similar to how push-ups, good sleep, and green veggies help you develop your physical health.

And practices that degrade EmReg fitness are like that tub of ice cream that you shouldn’t eat that you eat every night 🍦.

Ya dig?

Last is just the commitment to being fit.

Take it from a real life fitness junkie - it’s all in the commitment.

It’s like good marriages. They fight just like any couple. But they will ride or die for each other simply because of commitment.

Similarly, I could skip a week of working out but I promise you it won’t effect my fitness habit much (perhaps mostly because I rarely miss more than a week due to the benefits I get 🤔).

If we commit to EmReg fitness, it can change our lives.

I’m experimenting with it in my life this year and seeing amazing results (and will write more and deeper about it). Give it a try and let me know what your experience is - I would love to compare results!

Alright, I have a burning urge to watch Stranger Things Season 1 - so I'm out.

Thanks for reading,


Ps. Happy Memorial Day weekend!

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