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How To Make Experimental Trap Bangers For Kendrick Lamar And Baby Keem w/ Stock FL Studio Plug-ins ONLY

baby keem kendrick lamar stock plugins only May 20, 2022

I went to a beat battle yesterday and got my ass thoroughly handed to me. It was… humbling. 

I really went in there thinking, “yeah, I’m the beat battle guy. I got this.”

I’ve never received a meaner ‘L’.

But, on my way home from utter defeat, I realized something.

My ‘L’ doesn’t have to stand for ‘Loss’. If I learn from the producers who shined the most, it could stand for ‘Lesson’.

The top 3 beats taught me the most. 

Third place, a producer named ‘Phon’ demonstrated how you can create lush melody scapes around samples without being tied to the original composition. 

Second place, a DJ named ‘Red Jacket’ showed me I could be way more creative with my drum programing. Seriously, this dude was a magician, and he’s in HIGH SCHOOL.

And first place, a producer named ‘Neeko Crowe’ showed everyone how to think outside of the box entirely by flipping a sample into a full song. It was amazing to hear and witness.

I got to talk with Neeko afterwards. Hearing the way he talks about music and feeling is passion made it super clear to me why this was his second beat battle win in a row!

Coming away from that beat battle, I learned that I’ve been playing it way to safe with my beats. And that’s resulted in my discography being littered with boring monotonous instrumentals.

That’s not bad… every producer needs their own style. But if you aren’t careful, you can lock yourself in a box that’s tough to get out of.

A mental ‘box’ is where I was before going to that beat battle. 

Afterwards, my mind opened. I felt more moved to try techniques that usually making me uncomfortable - things like crazy hi-hat glitches and unconventional drum bounces. 

In today’s video, I go over a few new techniques I’ve been playing with since being humbled Tuesday night.

3 things you’ll learn from this video are;

- The best process for making catchy and ambient dark trap melodies 

- How to program insanely hard unconventional drum bounces

- Create arrangement styles for trap beats

Go here to learn! 

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