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memes heal the soul

memes Mar 19, 2024

I had a bit of a mishap with my publisher this morning.

it had me...


you might have seen my post about it on YT:

The Bible did help a lot.


When I started looking over some of the memes I've posted the last few days,

like this one on my IG 😂:

or this one on my second YT channel (it's so true too 😭):

I really felt better.

(I think God brought the laughter ❤️).

I was gonna tell you about my new "12 weeks in the trap" producer course today,

but I decided to share these memes with you instead 😅.

I hope they make your day/week a bit...

funnier lol.

I'll tell you more about the course later this week 🙏.



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