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Morphine is the most slept on VST

fl vsts instrument vsts Mar 12, 2024

Especially if you wanna produce in the style of:

  • Metro Boomin'
  • Future
  • Southside
  • ATL Jacob

I made my best beat of the year w/ Morphine (&centerfold) in my cook up this morning, so go peep that if you want context about why I'm so passionate about this 😂

but here's some more overview about it 👇

Morphine is a dope Additive Synthesizer that breaks traditional norms.

Its adaptable design lets you craft sounds with manual adjustment of harmonics or by transforming input samples into four independent voices (and I don't even be doing all that most of the time).

Unlike typical methods, Morphine uses low CPU algorithms (CLUTCH!), while maintaining warmth and precision.

The 128 harmonic oscillator engine, rooted in 32-bit mathematics, delivers high-quality sound, from deep bass to clear high frequencies, sans interpolation noises 🤌.

Morphine's innovation lies in harmonic snapshots, offering an infinite number per spectrum for realistic, balanced keyboard-wide sounds.

Musical creativity thrives with Morphine, offering varied:

  • Pads,
  • deep bass (may fav),
  • and acoustic instruments.

The synthesizer features 290 DOPE presets, supporting FL Studio as a VST plugin on Windows and macOS. 

So if you wanna make some amazing beats, check out Morphine on Image-Line's site.

And if you already have Morphine, try using it with the new free March Madness MIDI Kit 🦾

(and, again, peep this cook up, it's insane).

btw, Image line is doing a pretty insane deal where you can get 85% off Native Instruments and iZotope, and more - peep that here (I have a video I'm doing about it in couple of days too, I'll hit you when it drops).



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