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Repro: My Favorite VST

3rd party vsts instrument vsts vsts Mar 18, 2024

Re-pro is my favorite VST.

it's taken me a long time to write anything about it because I thought I'd have to be veery elaborate about my review. 

but that wasn't anything but a bunch of over thinking.

I made a Yt short a month ago (the video above) that did an excellent job of explaining everything I love about Repro.

And, even better, if you go to the u-He website, they elaborate on those exact things.

For example, I love the selection of monophonic sounds in Re-Pro 1 (a variety I've never seen in another VST).

The u-He website explains in great detail why Re-Pro 1 is 'unapologetically monophonic" compared the the counterpart it's bundled with, Re-Pro 5.

And other things of that nature.

So I'll leave you with this friend...

I don't like VSTs that promise a lot, only to be severe in their underdelivering. 


Re-Pro doesn't not make me feel like that.

At all.

It's worth every penny and, at least in my case, has more than paid itself off.

I don't make VST recommendations, because that necessarily requires that I give financial advice (and I'm not interested in doing that).


if you want my opinion for due diligence in making your final, well-informed decision,

u-He's Re-Pro is an amazing VST for pretty much any genre of music. 

You can learn more about it on u-He's website here.

& you can see me put it in action across many episodes of the DAILYS 📺 series on YouTube.



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