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Should You care about LUFS?

loudness mastering mixing May 27, 2024

Well, I guess it depends.

if you know what root-mean-square (RMS) means and how to calculate it,

if you know the different between a loudness unit (LU) and decibel (dB),

and if you understand the 5 standard loudness unit full scale (LUFS) measurements:

  1. momentary,
  2. short term,
  3. integrated,
  4. LRA, and
  5. true peak.

Then maybe you know enough to start dabbling with in-depth mastering concepts like metering.


if all this sounds like moon speak,

please just ignore it all (for now).

Because knowing how to make a good mix is infinitely more important.

my last mixing guide covered everything you need.


I just dropped a new lesson about this in DOPE.

So click here if you wanna learn how all this plays into getting your tracks louder on Spotify, YT, and IG!



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