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Sunday Best #3 - January 29, 2023

Sunday Best #3 - January 29, 2023

sunday best Jan 30, 2023
This is getting tougher. But that just means the music is getting better.
Time to find out if you made the cut this week 🙏
Here's the updated trap beats playlist:
Three of my favorites were;
  1. Mariachi Of The Dead - SUPAHMAHN (one of my fav prods, just godly bounce on everything he does)
  2. LESSGO - pesow (brain melting bass trap 🔥)
  3. Last Shot - PRODBYCECE (trap beats w/ emotion, love hearing the heart ppl put into their music)
And here's the updated songs playlist;
Three of my favorites here;
  1. Tighten up - DizzyEight x Errol Allen (2 weeks in a row cause it made 2 major editorial playlists - told you it was a banger, here's your second chance to bang it!)
  2. Euro$tep - West (everything about this one is dope, especially the beat. But the stand out to me is the bars. F Y E.)
  3. Reminisce - Timcence (fun, bouncy trap banger)

Now week recap this week. Lowkey swamped in work but in a good way.

If you wanna see some of what we've been put to, check out this blog post about how we made it on two editorial playlists in one week! 

Soundtrack your week with these jams. And please do reach out to me on Instagram to let me know what your favorites are!!
See ya next Sunday!

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