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Sunday Best #2 - January 22, 2023

Sunday Best #2 - January 22, 2023

sunday best Jan 22, 2023
Incredible music!
Here's the updated trap beats playlist:
Three of my favorites were;
  1. Losing my Mind - trabbey
  2. Diary - teefaygoo, Aton
  3. Menace - Azerbeats, IDS
And here's the updated songs playlist;
Three of my favorites here;
  1. Walk It Talk It - Rich Boy Emman
  2. Tighten Up - DizzyEight, Errol Allen
  3. Whoa - Da Saint

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But which one was my favorite? 

Of the 200 submission I listened to this week, Tighten Up was my favorite. But I'm a bit bias (learn why here). 

TL;DR, Tighten Up Checks off the following boxes;

  1. Hard bars
  2. Beautiful melody
  3. Production from Puredandyy the GOAT (and me)

You'd be biased about your first placement of the year being with one of your favorite independent artists too!

And the weirdest things is that this all resulted from my effort to grow my second YouTube channel. 

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Totally insane goals

One of my many insane goals for 2023 is to reach 100k subscribers on this second channel because it's devoted to showing my entire process to producers so they can replicate it. From brand growth to my exploration of music theory, I want those who support me to benefit from everything I learn. 

That's why I made this tutorial covering what I've learned about mixing from listening to Travis Scott's music.

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In excitement for the release of these gems I posted the finished beat on my IG Story. And That's when Dizzy heard it and asked me to send it over (more on that later).

The response to the mixing tutorial was incredible too. I think this comment sums up how I was hoping my supporters would feel about this new content.


Definitely made me smile. And showed me that I'm moving in the right direction. 

Double down

So I start releasing banger tutorials full of gems. Like this Metro Boomin Sampling Guide.

And I searched outside Youtube for ways to grow the channel. This led to me posting daily on TikTok. We got a decent amount of growth so I'll tentatively label the test run as a success.

This is me walking back all the trash I talked about Tik Tok...

Tik Tok is totally worth the effort imo and I'm excited to drop the blog series in a few months to show you how to take advantage too. 

This growth has shown me that providing value must be the most important thing to you if you want to grow on the internet moving forward. It's evolving into an entity that self regulates and will no longer tolerate people shilling BS in order to get your attention and money. 

People want value.

People need value. 

If you want to learn how you can use skills in music production to provide value, check out this blog post. 

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Nothing is that easy.

You probably guessed by now that doing all this;

  1. growing a YT channel
  2. growing a TikTok Following
  3. uploading daily content

takes up a ton of time.

And all of this is in addition to the loops and beats I have to make and send out each week. 

Sometimes is overwhelming. But once I put the loops together and send them out to the DOPE fam, the feedback makes the effort seem small.

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And the response to the beats... that's even crazier. 

If you want to see how I made the beat that got this reaction and get my two best tips for connecting with artist and getting placements, watch this video!




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