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The only 3 things that matter in your mix (bass, snare, melody)

mixing Apr 05, 2024

you can actually make mixes that don't suck homie.

and even better than that,

you can make mixes so good they turn heads 🤌. 

you can do this by focusing on the big 3 in your mix;

  1. the low end
  2. the main snare
  3. the main melody

my mentor taught this to me and it change my sound forever 🔥

it's not about specific decibel levels or fancy VSTs.

just a solid understanding of fundamental concepts.

I'm dropping a 35+ minute mixing guide in DOPE later today,

and this concept will be explain thoroughly in that vid (be on the look out for the email notification).

but, here's the main idea 👇

1️⃣) The low end.

The bass, the 808s, the kick.

these things need to be the loudest thing in your mix (but you still need head room, so be careful). 

low end  'anchors' the mix.

2️⃣) the main snare.

the snare or clap that hits on the 3 beat (it's different in drill, hoodtrap, etc, but still.. just that main snare, not the accents).

this is the second loudest thing in the mix.

3️⃣) the melody.

this is the third loudest thing in the mix.

because of wide frequency distribution, we have to be careful when leveling melodies

(they are perceived as louder at lower decibel ranges compared to drum one shots).

Once your big 3 is locked in, you can just fit in the rest of the elements,

as long as they don't overpower the big 3 🧠

If you're in DOPE, you'll get and email when the guide drops (I'll also drop it in discord too). 

Oh, I used the big 3 mixing concept in my cook up this morning,

and made an absolute banger 🔥 - you can peep here!



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