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Why am I up early on Saturday? 👿

chu marketing Jun 18, 2022

I’m up early this morning for my 6th week of audio engineering school.

It’s been fun for sure, but do you know the real reason I’m declining to sleep in on the weekend this summer?

Because I want to learn a new service that I can offer to my purchasing artists.

That’s one way I keep my clients happy and consistent; I tend to as many of their needs as possible which helps me get more sales.

Here are 3 services you can offer along with your beats to provide more value to your customers.

1- Promo

Artists love to have their art shared.

Building your social media accounts up gives you a platform where you can promote music for your artists!

2 - Sync placements

You can sign up for sync placement libraries (these allow you to get TV placements).

Then you can leverage your connection to offer sync placement opportunities to anyone who purchases your beats and completes a full track.

You lose nothing here since you own 50% writers share of any beat you produce, so if the beat gets placed, then that’s another win for you with very little effort.

3 - Mixing and mastering

If you can help artist cut engineering costs, they will love you forever.

That’s the main reason I’m learning to mix.

I want to help my artists save money by offering them the same quality service at a lower price

Hopefully, this inspired to engage with your artists in new ways so you can provide more value.

And if you want to learn every trick, I used to earn 10,000 per month making beats, check out my “Earn Your First 1000 USD Making Beats” course bundle.

Let me teach you who to earn a livable income from music without begging people to listen to your beats.

If you want to learn to automate your beat business so you can stop hovering over your phone all day hoping for a PayPal notification, go here now.

Blessings to you.

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