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Creating value by becoming valuable

brand development sith Jul 20, 2023

 There's only one way to make money.

Give someone something they’d rather have instead of their money.

Something valuable.

The value flows from you to the person, the customer.

The money flows to you, the producer.

So the first key to making money as a producer is to change the definition of your job title.

Producer doesn’t mean any of the following;

  •  Beat maker
  •  Audio engineer
  •  A&R
  •  Manager
  •  Promotion specialist
  •  Content creator

Those are skills that a producer must have.

Hats they must wear 🎩.

But that’s NOT what a producer IS.

Producer means ONE THING 👇

A person who creates value for the consumer.

There are all kinds of producers.

Movie producers.

The consumers they need to create value for are movie watchers.

Agricultural producers.

The consumers they need to create value for are people who eat food.

Music producers.

The consumers they need to create value for are people who listen to music.

Let’s dive deeper and talk specifically about our case.

Creating value as a music producer.

Your value is only as good as you are

The quality of your value as a producer is determined by the quality of human you are.

You can immediately be more valuable by improving the overall quality of you, the person.

Health is wealth.

There are 3 good ways to increase the quality of your health.

  1. Journaling 📓
  2. Exercise 🏋️‍♀️
  3. Good sleep 💤

Journalling improves mental health by creating order in your life.

It’s a good way to physically see the contents of your mind.

And it’s an amazing emotional and creative outlet.

Even just 5 to 10 sentences each morning can change your life.

That’s how it did for me.

Exercise is fundamental to a valuable human.

Fitness is generally valuable because most people in the western world are physically unhealthy.

Poor physical health limits your maximum output of quality work.

This diminishes the total amount of value you can provide.

You can instantly increase the quality and value of your work by being more fit.

Here are some really good tips on how to do that

Good sleep is non-negotiable.

A few all nighters here and there are fine.

It happens.

But chronic lack of sleep is so cognitively debilitating that it’s viewed as worse than being drunk, from a scientific point of view.

Put the phone down.

Turn the TV off and put the fork down.

Use white noise.

Get black out curtains.

Do whatever you need to get at least 6.5 hours of sleep consistently each night.

You’ll only be, at max, 50% as valuable as you could possibly be if you aren’t getting consistently good rest.

Destroy limiting believe systems

First we build up our core value by becoming stronger mentally and physically. 

With this new strength, we launch an all out war against our limiting beliefs.

Yes, you must treat it as a war .

Ther limiting beliefs are like an army of soldiers that have been working your entire life to keep you stuck.

They have a lot of time on their side, which is why we need to be strong to face them 💪.

The most important belief to take down is “mindset of lack.”

This is the ‘general’ of the limiting belief army.

We take him down, the rest of them scatter and become easier to annihilate one by one.

The “mindset of lack” is where the idea of “market saturation” comes from.

That’s when you hear other producers bitching and complaining that there are too many producers.

They think that this causes competition which limits their ability to cut through noise and get noticed.

Nothing could be more false.

The truth is that there could be double as many producers as there are now.



And there would still be no saturation.

What we experience as ‘saturation’ is actually just ignorance of how to become more valuable to the marketplace.

For example.

The reason I’m not a billionaire music producer like Kanye isn’t because of market saturation.

It’s not because there are a bunch of other producers competing for space.


It’s because I haven’t put in the years that Kanye has.

I’m not a marketing genius like Kanye is.

I haven’t hustled to build valuable connections like Kanye has.

I haven’t built a billion dollar brand like Kanye has.

I haven’t even won my first Grammy.


Because I don’t understand how to build and position my value like Kanye has.

And I could blame it on saturation and say, “there are too many other good producers for me to ever have a chance.

But if that was my belief system, I never would’ve dropped out of school.

I never would’ve went RiSA Platinum.

I never would have reached the place where I’m earning thousands of dollars each month doing something I love.

The reason producers complain about saturation is because they don’t know what to do to become more valuable to the marketplace.

To the consumer.

And they aren’t willing to learn.

They are too lazy.

Or they have been trapped by the “mindset of lack.”

A siege they don’t even know they’re in.

I don’t know how to become as valuable as Kanye.


But I do know how anyone can become better than 80% of all producers.

Create value.

Remember, money will naturally flow to value.

If we can understand that there is nothing limiting us except our own ignorance, we can do anything.

Ignorance simply means you lack some kind of knowledge.

It means there is something you don’t know.

In this case, you don’t know how to become valuable enough as a music producer to earn money.

Here’s how you fix that 👇.

Get good at making beats

Simple at a quick glance.

Hell, even AI can make pretty decent beats.


Decent’ doesn’t pay the bills.

Decent’ doesn’t win you awards.


Decent’ sure as hell doesn’t beat ‘saturation.’

Everyone is ‘decent.’

That’s why they think ‘saturation’ is a real thing.

They think being ‘decent’ makes them worthy of the consumers money and attention.

Utterly pitiful.

You have to be better than ‘decent.’

You’ve got to be good.

Damn good.

You do this by mastering the fundamentals.


Mixing (which Centerfold can help you with).

Drum syncopation.

All of it.

Yes, it takes time and effort.

That’s why most people prefer to bitch about 'saturation.'

Because that’s way easier than admitting that they don’t feel like putting in the work.

But that ISN’T you.

You’re going to put in the focused effort required.

You’re going to get better because you just got done kicking the “mindset of lack” in the ass.

And you’re itching for more action.

Once you get damn good, you need to pour on the gas.

Master the fundamentals until you can do it in your sleep.

Then develop your own style.

Put your spin own it.

Add your own unique blend of flavor.

This is how your beats will be automatically valuable to any artist that comes across them.

Not only will they sound amazing from a fundamental point of view.

They’ll also sound different from anything else they’ve heard.

They will see the value in that.

You will get paid for that.

Then, you take it to the next level.

There are producers who will benefit from the techniques you’ve learned and created.

You may even have ways of understanding concepts that aren’t anywhere else on the internet.

That’s how I started my YouTube channel.

By putting my literal learning lessons on video 🧠.

I never thought it’d gain so much traction.

But looking back, I understand why it has and continues to do so.

Because it’s valuable.

And brands are built on providing value.

Hopefully that’s clear by now.

If you want a tip on the best kind of content any musician can make, here it is 👇.

Do anything related to making melodies 💡.

It’s the most fun for people to watch because humans are wired to enjoy melody.

Don’t reinvent the wheel.

Use the damn wheel 👁️.


Darth Chu

Join My Label, DOPE 🔥


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