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Music theory is needed, here’s why

melody making May 20, 2023

 We all wish that making good melodies was as simple as knowing a bit of music theory and having a few go-to sounds. But, if you’ve been doing production for longer than 24 hours, you know that just isn't the case. 

And it’s even worse when you think about the fact that the Centerfold Drum Kit comes with scale highlighters and literal chord progressions. Yet this rarely actually improves anyones melodies unless they already know what they are doing. 

Sure, your drums will knock a million times harder. But nothing in Centerfold, not even the Mixer Preset Bundle, will actually increase your melody prowess. 

Now… I have to tell you something I don't usually publicly say. And I don't want you to look at me differently afterwards.


I knew music theory already when I first started making beats.

In my middle school, you had to pick an elective class that was based in a liberal art. Some of our options were:

  1. Art (painting, drawing)
  2. Home equity (cooking, house management)
  3. Workshop (wood work)
  4. Choir
  5. Orchestra
  6. Band 

The order it’s listed also describes what my preference was towards. 

As a  kid who spent a lot of time getting in trouble for drawing anime pictures in class instead of paying attention, I was hyped to finally have a full period where I could creatively cut loose and do something I like.

My african, church going mother was having none of that.

While I had dreams of being Akira Toriyama, she had dreams of bragging to her friends about my participation in the church band. 

Out with vegeta, in with saxophone. 

While I spent the first semester of 6th grade pretty bitter over the whole ordeal, I did eventually end up making some cool friends and having a ton of fun. 

And, I learned basic music theory along the way.

It wasn't anything that was even hard to learn. I picked most of it up passively just sitting in class. I had nothing better to do and I couldn’t put my head down to sleep because band class doesn't have those traditional desks.

I had no choice but to sit up awake and kind of just hear everything that was being said. And a bit of my competitive nature would kick in from time to time leading to actual practice and the acquisition of the coveted band geek grand prize: first chair (iykyk lmfao)

All that being said, I still get why it would take someone who's not forced to sit and learn a long time to actually pick up music theory. 

And that is the whole point of my content. 

The goal is to find ways to distill complicated things in music so that you can exploit the gems without needing to suffer through truly useless nonsense. Then you can make a better decision about what you wanna specialize in.

And I think that really paid off with the most recent melody workshop I dropped on my channel.

And the dope fam has received it very well.

Which leads me to believe that what I'm doing is at least sort of on the right path. I know that people need music theory to make good music. But I also understand that it’s hard to learn…

As someone who has at least 2 confirmed learning disabilities (Dyslexia, ADHD) believe me when I say ‘I get it.’

That’s why I developed the 8 Step Methodology For Creating Your Own Dark Trap Melodies From Scratch w/ Stock FL Studio Plugins workshop.

If you believe that those comments above aren't just a bunch of photoshopped bots, then you will definitely make better melodies after watching this.

And once you understand all this, the chord progressions and mixer presets in Centerfold will be WAY more helpful.

I hope this workshop helps you a ton.

Comment if you have any questions.



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