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You're building with artists the wrong way (How I get songs done with artists)

marketing May 28, 2024

This is the exact framework of thinking I use to make sure I never fall off with sending beat.

Let’s get into it so you can use it too.

Even Platinum producers make this mistake 💿.

I have a song called Utatakho.

It’s with a South African artist named Yanga Chief.

It’s a tough song name for me to spell, so I have to look it up a lot lol (to make sure 😂).

I looked it up the other day and found an entire Wiki page about it.

The coolest part of the page was where is said:

The single peaked at number one on the Metro FM Top 40 Chats, in 2020 it was certified Gold in South Africa after selling over 10,000 units, and later on 12 April 2023 it was certified Platinum.

I knew the remix was already Plat,

And now the OG track is up there too (just keeping building that catalog one day at a time).

This was clutch to see because was starting to slip up on sending beats out.

But sending beats out is the only way I landed this track that helps me make thousands of dollars per month just from publishing.

And this is just one song.

I have a bunch of songs that have helped artists grow and that make me money all because I bothered to send out beats.

As we discussed in the “Your catalog is gold waiting to be mined!” newsletter the other day, nothing matters if you don’t send out beats.

  • You can have the best beats (no one is gonna care because no one is gonna hear them).
  • Maybe you’ve got bright ideas for artists development (yet you have no artists to develop).
  • Your social media following can be massive (yet you’re getting no songs done because you have no artist relationships).

You must have hard beats - it’s non-negotiable, so watch this playlist of full guides if you know you need to start improving.

As we discussed in this book report newsletter, you’ve got to have good ideas that help you and your artist make progress.

And a well structured brand is the number 1 thing that will attract artists to you - the "1000 USD per Month is Achievable for Any internet producer who tries" full course shows you how to set this up.

But it will not matter if you don’t send out beats.

There’s no way around it.

You’ve gotta build a list of artists that trust you and send them beats consistently. You’ve gotta get on their radar and stay there.

And you do this by sending them high quality beats frequently.

There are a few intrusive thoughts that fly around in my head when I wanna send beats:

  1. I don’t wanna seem pushy.
  2. I don’t wanna send free samples because it might degrade my beats.
  3. I feel like it’s not worth the effort because they won’t even check them out.

But my career results and experiences prove each of these fundamentally illogical.

What’s pushy about me helping an artist with something that could change their life?

Yanga went plat cause I sent out beats. Bhut, another incredible ZA 🇿🇦 artist I'm working with, is going crazy rn partly because I send him beats.

Artists and producers all over the world are eating because I never let that feeling get in the way of me doing my job, so it just doesn’t makes sense to let it stop me from helping other people - and why not help myself too?

The other thing is that beats are more valuable when you send them out for free.

The concept behind this thinking is best explained in a book I read about business:

“Many advertisers lose much by being penny-wise. they are afraid of imposition, or they try to save pennies. That is why they ask ten cents for a sample, or a stamp or two. Getting that dime my cost them from 40 cents to $1. That is, it may add that to the cost of replies. But it is remarkable how many will pay that addition rather than offer a sample free” - Claude Hopkins, Scientific Advertising.

There are a bunch of songs I never got done with big artists because I went for the upfront money first, instead of sending them the beats with an understanding of the backends.

And this doesn’t only go for ‘big’ artists. Some of my best clients met me because I set up a lead magnet where they could get some free beats and start building a relationship with me.

Those are all songs that wouldn't be done and clients I wouldn't have if I was a money hungry penny-pincher.

Doubt is procrastination in disguise.

As I stated in the book review of “Outwitting The Devil”, Ch. 4:

“As explained in this chapter, most humans (98%) procrastinate. The reason we do this is because we sometimes (often) make a habit of not thinking independently. Choosing not to think for yourself has the consequence of drastically increasing your ignorance. Here’s the huge problem with that. Fear increases directly proportionate to ignorance.”

I know I should send beats - it’s part of my job as a music producer with a specialty in beat making. Doubt causes me to procrastinate and thus become ignorant of this fact and the weight of its importance.

My ignorance leads to fear because I'm not taking action and getting feedback. And all this just feeds into creating more doubt - the cycle repeats endlessly.

Dependent Thinking —> Doubt (Procrastination) —> Ignorance —> Fear (& More Dependency) —> Doubt (Again).

When this happens, I have to remember step one of the Superhero quick start manual:

1 - Start saving people. Like… Duh! What do you think heroes do?? Offer service in order to increase your hero reputation. This will make you think critically about what you have to offer and how you can offer it… Hill states in this chapter that if we want anything, we must give something. And we must give FIRST, BEFORE we receive.

I have something to offer (beats, A&R, artists development). And I have to offer it first before I can get anything I think I want (sales, placements, money).

This makes me stand out in the crowd.

I think it’s the way I go about it.

You can’t just spam beats in their DMs. And please don’t buy an email list of artists you don’t know (that literally has never worked for anyone ever).

If you wanna know how I do it, join DOPE and take our course Content Creation Level 1 where we teach you how to set up a system that lets you effectively build valuable, mutually beneficial relationships with artists.

(I can also build it for you here).

The key 🔑 is to present yourself as a professional who makes good music and wants to help the artist make good music too.

This is so rare amongst internet produces that if you will literally just commit to do it, you’ll be better than 80% of the competition in 12 to 24 months.

Artists are NORMAL PEOPLE. They have wants and desires like you.

Think about more than just what you can get out of it - connect with the creative inside of every artist you come across.

Because they wanna grow more than anything (just like you).

So here’s how I go about helping artists grow by getting songs done with them.

Step #1 is building myself up as the kind of person that can actually vibe with artists.

This is so key, because if your vibe is off you aren’t gonna get far.

Check out this YouTube video I made talking about how to position yourself as a valuable asset to your artists.

Step #2 is setting up a system for getting in front of artists.

There are many ways to do this.

At my label, DOPE, we leverage content creation to gain traffic.

Basically, we post music and content about our interests. Naturally, the algorithm puts this content in front of people and a percentage of them are in alignment with us (and our goals).

This is the other hidden benefit of the “Spotify type beats play” we were talking about the other day.

Step #3 is to build relationships.

This is more important than sending them beats (although a free beat will be the best way to kick off the relationship).

You’ve gotta genuinely care about them. As an artist, but also AS A PERSON.

Artists always wanna use/buy beats from friends instead of randoms on the internet.

Hopefully a word is enough for the wise 🧠.

Step #4 is where you lock in with sending beats.

We've addressed this. Be confident and understand that your beats are a service to the artist.

Your only goal is to help them get what they want.

This mindset will put you above almost every other producer they've ever met. And they'll be more than happy to check out your beats as a result.

If you have any questions, you can ask me in discord.

And consider joining DOPE for lessons and courses on this method.

Join My Label, DOPE 🔥


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