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Spending time on what matters - March 20, 2024

mixing Mar 20, 2024

we fixed the publishing issue from yesterday 😎

and it only took a quick email lol.

(I was tweaking for nothing 😂).

I'm actually glad I don't have to sit around doing boring business stuff all day,

because I prefer to make beats - just being honest 😅.

that's why you pretty much always see me using my mixer preset kits.

when I'm in the zone like you see in my cook ups,

the last thing I want is to get slowed down by the same EQ, compression, and mastering stacks I use in every beat.

I also have a lot of go-to melodic stacks that are hard to re-build on the fly.

Like, even the thought of having to rebuild them kills my vibe to cook.

That's why my mixer kits are filled to the brim - cause it's all stuff I need to depend on in real-time to consistently make these bangers.

The inspiration that comes from dragging one on a melody and getting something instantly beautiful renews all my energy to keep cooking 👨‍🍳. 

(Pro-tip: save your go-to stacks and FX settings - your 'future self' will thank you)

and if you wanna start making better sounding beats right now while saving so much more time to connect with artists (or do literally anything else) peep my full mixer preset bundle.



ps. here's a picture I took of a flower - I saw it on a walk yesterday, it looked the way a good beat sounds (if that makes any sense lol).

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